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His work is his true love!

Always a creator - Saeed is continually dreaming, refining, and improving. With over five decades in architecture, design and fine arts, his creations are not only beautiful, but are also truly functional.

As a young artist in the Architectural field, Saeed's countless sketches and ability to create renderings quickly, earned him the nickname "The Golden Hand"

Saeed Rafiei's unique skillset allows him to define and refine shapes and forms as only he can. He can analyze your exact needs and requirements to deliver architectural solutions that marry artistic lines.

His creations take on a life of their own as he mixes concrete, aggregates and color palettes to merge beauty and science.

Unique concrete processes allow for the strongest and lightest products possible.

Call Saeed today at 954-707-2121.

Learn more about our concrete expertise and experience:

Our custom kitchen countertops are beautiful, functional, and unique.

Thinking of custom tile for that focus wall or floor? Visit our concrete tile gallery to start imagining the design possibilities.




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